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Recently, I was given the chance to try and review an Alexia brand product through Foodbuzz’s Tastemaker program. Along with a coupon to try any product I was given a cute apron and a great pot holder. I opted to try Alexia’s Oven Fries which are seasoned with olive oil and sea salt. There were some great varieties out there, but I have a little one that loves french fries and it would be nice to have a bag in the freezer handy at times. I’m actually surprised I haven’t tried Alexia products before now. I’ve passed their items in the freezer aisle and they look very tempting. The fact that they are organic and made from quality ingredients really makes me feel OK in giving these to my daughter.

When I pulled the french fries out of the oven my daughter made a beeline for the kitchen yelling, “French Fries!” We patiently waited for them to cool off a bit and then dug in. They really were delicious! They tasted like great pub fries without all of that extra seasoning that is usually added to sway someone into thinking they are good. Simply put, they were probably the best frozen french fry I’ve ever had. Here I was hoping that I’d like them so I would have something nice to say in my review. Ha! I’ve already got these on my grocery list for next time. I also decided to pair these french fries with ketchup made from scratch. It was pretty easy and the results are worth it!

Alexia is currently running a contest to “Reinvent a Classic” on their Facebook page. Follow this link and vote for your favorite idea. You can also grab a coupon for your next purchase!

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