Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog. I grew up in the hospitality industry and have always loved food. I didn’t really begin cooking until I met my husband, a very picky eater. Somehow, I combined my adventurous palate with his picky ways and have made us both happy. I live in Kennebunkport, ME with my husband, our daughter Caroline, son George, our dogs and cat, and the occasional rescue foster dog. I grew up in New York and South Carolina, so my cooking influences reflect that. Cooking from scratch, using local, organic, and sustainable ingredients is what is most important to me and I try to introduce that in my cooking as much as possible.

About the Blog

The Way to His Heart has evolved over the years, just as my family has. Really, it’s should be named, “The Way to Their Hearts.” This blog contains some original recipes by myself, family members, and some great recipes I’ve found along the way. Really, the blog is about showing love through food. Nothing pleases me more than to feed my friends and family good food. I love food and being married to a man who loves to eat, but is picky, has made me really want to try new things to broaden his horizons. I’ve always loved fun, pretty food, but now that I’m a mother I try to really drive that home. If you make it pretty, they’ll eat it! Who wouldn’t? Most of my recipes can be served on a weeknight or for entertaining. I don’t view some recipes as “fancy” and others “comfort.” Good food is comforting, point blank.