As most of you know by now we welcomed my son, George, into the world on November 19th. It’s been a busy almost three weeks and they have flown by. I’m doing my best to enjoy every snuggle and embrace all of the love, fun, and craziness that a newborn brings into the house. This is why the blog has been a little different around here the past few weeks and will remain that way until the new year. There will mostly be guest posts for recipes and giveaways. While I know that you are all looking for recipes for the holidays, the blog already has some great ones. Since it is the holidays, I will also say, don’t stress to much about the perfect meal or treat, enjoy your loved ones and everything else will fall into place. Have fun in the kitchen and make sure it is filled with laughter. In the meantime, I’ll be here snuggling my new little guy and enjoying my family of four.