At this point, I know everyone is cruising right along into the new year, but I’ve been enjoying a bit of a slow down period after the holidays. We had nothing to do and nowhere to go for another week and I enjoyed hanging out with my family. While I am getting back into things, I have realized that my resolution is to take things a bit slower. I’m going to try and not rush everything and let things happen a bit more organically. For you readers, that may mean that there is more of a delay in recipes or that may mean that my brain will have a bit of a chance to relax and I can actually have some more fun in the kitchen and churn out some more recipes!

This year has been a whirlwind as we figured out life as a family of four and dealt with other things that life has thrown our way. In the end, we made it and we are no worse for the wear. Everyone is still laughing and smiling and that’s what counts.

Having fun and showing you what goes on in my kitchen on a regular basis is what this year is going to be all about. I’ve missed some of the commentary that used to happen via each blog posts comment section, but it seems that Facebook is the way to communicate nowadays. Of course, Facebook has noticed and now wants to charge Page owners to reach out to their follows, SO the best way to keep up is to subscribe to my RSS feed. I know, the loss of blog readers has also made this idea less interesting, but you can choose to receive emails of new posts as well!

So, no surprise that the recipes that got the most traffic this year were mostly older ones. Ones that continue to be favorites no matter what else I put out there. I am honestly happy about that, it means they have staying power. I know they do in my kitchen! I also included five of my favorite recipes of this year and the reasons why I chose them. So, take a look and see if you see anything new and interesting or revisit a favorite of yours as well!

Thank you so much for following my blog, joining me on Facebook, and all of the emails that I receive. What went from a recipe index to a fun place to chat about food with others makes this stay-at-home mom smile.

I hope you all have a wonderful 2015!


Ah, these Mexican Stuffed Shells. These really made my blog take off and introduce me to so many new readers. They also opened my eyes to the dark side of the internet and content theft! But alas, these are still the top favorite for you all and are still a winner in my house as well.


The second highest post makes me smile because I love this Japanese Steakhouse Mayo Sauce and miss this restaurant SO much! Copycat recipes have always been a favorite and I hope to bring some more to you this year.


This Super Easy Crusty Bread made life in my kitchen a lot easier and all of you as well! I love all of the pictures and comments you send me, whether you are making bread for the first time or simply enjoying a simpler way.


This Lemon & Thyme Pan-Seared Cod has only been on the blog for a few weeks but it’s definitely getting a lot of attention. It’s definitely become a favorite of the fish eaters in my household. It looks to be a favorite so far among you all too, it was even highlighted on MyFitnessPal as a Must Try for 2015 for under 400 calories!


You guys get me and are just like me. You love appetizers and you really love cheesy ones! This Baked Ricotta Dip with Garlic & Herbs was your favorite of the year.

2014-01-26 11.06.24

This Chocolate Souffle was on of my favorites for the year because, well, I masted the souffle! That’s been one of my goals in the kitchen and I finally did it.


Another goal of mine was to prepare more tasty pies for my husband. While I have yet to perfect a pie crust, that is my number one goal this year, I did make his tummy very happy for many nights last summer feasting on this delicious Grilled Skillet Strawberry Pie.


This Chipotle Quinoa Chilli was a nice addition to my dinner arsenal and made my life easier a lot of nights. Feeding my family quickly with warm, satisfying meals is important and making them healthier is a winning factor.


I deemed this the year of cucumbers in my garden, letting tomatoes take the backseat. I really wanted to expand my canning and pickles were the easy choice. We go through a ton in my house! Between these Bread & Butter Pickles, the Refrigerator Dill Pickles, and the Pickle Dip this year I found out that many of you readers are fans of them as well! Stay tuned because this year I’m going to up the ante when it comes to cucumbers!

2014-02-22 10.16.20

And finally, these Pretzel Muffins with Chocolate Chips were just a lot of fun to make and eat. Fun creations like these are really why I started doing more in the kitchen and taking pictures of my food 🙂

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