My sweet daughter, Caroline, turned 4 on April 4th and she wanted a princess party. We narrowed it down a bit and focused on Rapunzel. Her birthday celebration usually spans a couple of days because we do a small family dinner out and we come home for cake on her actual birthday. Then, we have her party. This year was different since she is in school and she wanted to celebrate there too. So, I was quite busy preparing goodies for three days of celebrations! With the help of my husband we managed to get it all done and give her a birthday she wont forget!


I am usually a “do it all myself” kind of person and love to get creative when hosting parties but this year I wanted to turn it down a notch since George was only 4 months old. Caroline has inherited my gusto for party planning and wanted to do lots of crafts. My husband, surprisingly, still wanted to tackle a fun party cake for her as well. So, we compromised and I’m really happy with the results. I bought more than I typically do from the party store, but we also did some fun homemade items. The birthday girl wore a Rapunzel shirt that was homemade. I assembled the castle flags with some felt, paint, and yarn. The Flynn Rider signs were printed and posted throughout the house and Rapunzel’s hair, made out of yellow plastic tablecloths, were draped outside and throughout the house! I also taped a very large drawing surface on the wall for the kids to color. Rapunzel paints in the movie, but I wasn’t letting four-year-olds loose with paints! The kids really loved this and it was great for the few down times of the party. The kids also played “Pin the Pascal on Rapunzel,” “Tangled” where they were given crepe paper and told to wrap their partner up in it and whomever used all of their up and tangled their partner first, won.

My husband and I have teamed up to make Caroline’s cakes since her Puppy Cake from her second birthday. We do it in stages to make life a little easier. Soon, I’ll create a post showing how I made the Rapunzel Tower Cake and give you an idea how we go about the process.



The Menu

Apples for Maximus

Pascal’s Colorful Veggies with Ranch Dressing

Flynn Rider’s Fruits

Chips, Braided Pretzels, and Goldfish

Mother Gothel’s Onion Dip

Tortilla Chips and Queso

Rapunzel’s Braided Pizzas ~ Pepperoni, Cheese & Sauce, and plain Cheese

Apple Jalapeno Meatballs

The Snuggly Ducklings Fruit Punch

Rapunzel Tower Cake ~ Chocolate Cake, Yellow Cake, Buttercream, Marshmallow Fondant

Easy Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Ben’s Chocolate Ice Cream

Cake Pops



Food Tag Images by Krown Kreations

Rapunzel Cupcake Inspiration – Delicious Meliscious

Tower Cake Inspiration – “words, pictures & cake…”

Rapunzel T-shirt inspired by “Made by me, Shared with You”

and many ideas and inspirations from Pinterest


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